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Ryan Edwards outside Abbey Road Studios

Audoo was created in 2018 by CEO & Founder, Ryan Edwards. Our vision is to create a more accurate system for compensating artists and composers.

Ryan was shopping in a popular department store when he heard his own top 10 hit being played. He teased his wife that he might be paid a couple of pence for the broadcast, but after checking his royalty account, he was surprised to see that actually, he hadn’t been paid for it at all.

After carrying out some research, Ryan found that historically, Performance Rights Organisations (PROs) have paid royalties from estimations based on popular radio play and manual data-entry. As a result, artists and composers, just like Ryan, miss out.

We have created a solution which tracks actual played music and relays that information in real-time to help PROs digitise and streamline their processes, resulting in more accurate and transparent royalty distribution.

Our audio meter simply plugs in to commercial establishments such as shops, restaurants, gyms and bars and takes a digital imprint of the music played. This data is then analysed for PROs who ensure artists, composers and publishers are compensated fairly and accurately, every time their music is played.


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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

The team at Audoo have the right approach & cutting edge technology that has the potential to deliver more public performance royalties to creators and rights holders more accurately than every before.

Neil GaffneySenior VP - Global Rights & Society Relations, Universal Music Group

For years I’ve asked managers, agents and publishers how and where my work is enjoyed, having heard it everywhere from retail stores to football stadiums.

What Audoo is creating is for artists by artists. It understands the frustration of Royalty Statements and knows how to build the best technology for the music industry. I can’t wait to see statement lines of what’s happening in the real world.

Steve SidwellGrammy, Emmy & Tony Award-Winning Composer

Performing rights organizations (PROs) are entrusted with a difficult task: getting businesses to pay to use music, and distributing royalties fairly to songwriters, composers and music publishers.

PROs haven’t yet tried to track every song played in the thousands of businesses that hold music licenses. Audoo, a startup based in London, has the potential to revolutionise music royalty distribution by taking the guesswork out of this process.

Josh MandellHollywood & Entertainment Reporter, Forbes

Audoo’s solution for improving public performance royalty reporting could have a real impact benefiting both songwriters and PROs - and we are happy to help them navigate the journey. With Abbey Road Red, we’re pushing the boundaries of what is possible across the value chain through constructive innovation, and couldn’t be happier to be a part of Audoo’s journey.

Isabel GarveyManaging Director of Abbey Road Studios