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Coalescence was established in 2021 to champion transparency and autonomy for artists and songwriters. 

Powered by Audoo’s public performance data, Coalescence provides rightsholders with insights into the use of their work across public performance areas, giving them understanding of how their tracks are being used in the real-world on a global scale.  

We are building a next-generation community of artists and songwriters. Providing them with empowerment and autonomy through real-world data 



The Ivors Academy of Music Creators is the home of all songwriters and composers. For over 70 years they’ve represented music creators in the UK, and have bestowed the biggest honours in the industry to giants of modern composition and songwriting. They represent and champion a diverse, talented community of songwriters and composers.

Tileyard champion and support independent artists and businesses by providing them with space to work and room to grow.

Every person at Tileyard is playing their part in something far bigger than themselves. Their purpose is to set the stage, and be part of the act, not the star of the show.

The Featured Artists Coalition is the UK trade body representing the specific rights and interests of music artists.

Formed by artists, for artists, they are an inclusive community that advocates, educates, collaborates and researches on behalf of artists, coming together to provide a strong, collective voice within the industry and to governments domestically and abroad.

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The team at Audoo have the right approach & cutting edge technology that has the potential to deliver more public performance royalties to creators and rights holders more accurately than every before.

Neil GaffneySenior VP - Global Rights & Society Relations, Universal Music Group

For a long time, I have urged Performing Right Organisations to use intelligent third-party technology. Audoo is a solution I believe will change the music industry forever and that’s why I have put my money where my mouth is.

Björn UlvaeusABBA Founder & President of CISAC

Audoo’s solution for improving public performance royalty reporting could have a real impact benefiting both songwriters and PROs - and we are happy to help them navigate the journey. With Abbey Road Red, we’re pushing the boundaries of what is possible across the value chain through constructive innovation, and couldn’t be happier to be a part of Audoo’s journey.

Isabel GarveyManaging Director of Abbey Road Studios

For years I’ve asked managers, agents and publishers how and where my work is enjoyed.

What Audoo is creating is for artists by artists. It understands the frustration of Royalty Statements and knows how to build the best technology for the music industry.

Steve SidwellGrammy, Emmy & Tony Award-Winning Composer

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