Our Audio Meters ensure that the money you pay for your music licence is accurately distributed to the artists/songwriters you love and that drive your business. By capturing real-world data, we create an opportunity for royalties to reach artists and songwriters with greater accuracy and full transparency.

As well as ensuring your payment reaches the right artists and songwriters, we also eliminate the need for manual reporting. Our Audio Meters produce automated playlist reports which are shared with your local PROs & CMOs, so that you no longer have to.

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest level of privacy and security by only ever capturing music information and never storing audio files. For more information on privacy and security, visit our Technology Page.

With Bluebells Restaurant in its 16th successful year, a mention in the Michelin Guide and 2 AA Rosettes, John understands what it takes to offer the fine dining experience. ‘Exceptional food is of course a must, but attention to every detail is incredibly important to us. From our elegant surroundings to offering the perfect environment for our customers to feel both relaxed and thoroughly looked after. Creating this type of atmosphere doesn’t happen by accident. The music plays an important role and it really helps us set the perfect background tone for our customers to enjoy their visit.

Being an independent business we know the importance of being recognised for your craft. This is why we fully support any business or organisation that is helping independent artists get paid accurately.’

John Rampello, Managing Director

For years I’ve asked managers, agents and publishers where my work is enjoyed, having heard it myself everywhere from local coffee shops to huge stadiums.

Now, Audoo has created a solution which means I can not only better understand and connect with my audience, but ultimately be compensated accurately for the use of my work – something that will be game changing for all players across the music industry.

What Audoo has created is for artist by artists – they understand the collaboration that is needed across Venues, PRO’s and Rightsholders to make for a more transparent solution, and I’m pleased to support that.

Steve Sidwell, Grammy, Emmy & Tony Award-Winning Composer

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