Music Royalty Distribution Device

Our audio meters have been installed across a number of sites to monitor the music being broadcast on location. These devices are designed to provide data to royalty societies to help ensure your license fee is going towards the tracks you actually play at your premises.

Our Audio meter is fully GDPR compliant, meaning it doesn’t store a record of any sensitive information. The device only monitors the audio playing in the background at set, short time intervals. Any foreground noise is then stripped out, whilst the background music is matched to a database of over 70 million tracks for accurate identification. For more details, check out our privacy policy, or the FAQ’s below.

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What is the audio meter?

Our audio meter is a digital solution for distributing music royalties to artists and songwriters with greater acuracy. It monitors the music played at public locations, such as gyms, restaurants, shops and bars, which is sent securely to our cloud based platform. From there, the data is shared with partnered royalty societies to ensure your music license fee is given to the correct artists and songwriters.

Will it impact my electricity bill?

Our device transmits low levels of power and will not increase your electricity by a noticeable level.

Is it GDPR compliant?

Yes, our device is fully GDPR compliant. No sensitive information is used in any of our processing and no information is ever stored on device. For full details, check out our privacy policy.

Will the audio meter affect my music license fee?

No! The device is simply there to ensure your licence fee is distributed to the right artists and songwriters, rather than making any changes to your license fee.

Can I unplug my device?

No, our audio meters need a power source in order to function effectively. If you need to relocate your device, please ensure that all 3 lights (found on the face of the device) are green once it has been plugged back in.

What are the benefits of having an audio meter?

For Music License Holders (Premises)

  • Eliminates manual reporting & admin requirements
  • Supports the artists & songwriters you listen to
  • Tracks music from any source
  • Simple to install

For Artists & Songwriters

  • Accurate payment for the use of their music
  • Better understanding of their royalty payments
  • Better understanding of their fanbase
  • Supports artists of all sizes

For Royalty Societies

  • Replaces manual admin with real-aim automated reporting
  • Improves accuracy of royalty distribution for their members
  • Better understanding of music consumption

How does the audio meter minimise the amount of data sent to the cloud?

The devices are designed to record as little audio as possible by capturing only short bursts of audio at set time intervals. They also strip out any foreground noise, sending only the background music as a digital fingerprint to our cloud database.

What are the privacy details of the device?

The audio meter stores no personal information at any time. The device only monitors the audio playing in the background at set, short time intervals. It strips out all foreground noise before sending the digital fingerprint to our cloud database.

How do I know if my unit is working?

When the audio meter is working all three lights should be displaying green. If there is a red light, please follow the steps found in the FAQ ‘What should I do if there is a red light on the device?’.

What should I do if there is a red light on the device?

If there is a red light appearing on your device, please ensure it is securely plugged into the electricity socket. Wait a few moments to see if the red light returns to green. If it stays on red, please contact for further directions.

How do I contact Audoo?

Should you have any questions or you would like to get in touch with someone from the Audoo team, please contact