Our Story

Audoo was founded in 2018 with a vision to create a more accurate system for compensating artists and composers for the public performance of their work.

The idea was conceived when CEO & Founder, Ryan Edwards was shopping in a retail store and heard his own top 10 hit being played. Shortly afterwards, when checking his royalty statement, he was surprised to see that he hadn’t been paid for the broadcast and started to wonder why.

Ryan found that historically, Performing Right Organisations (PROs) & Collective Management Organisations (CMOs) have paid public performance royalties from estimations based on popular radio play and manual data-entry. As a result, artists and composers often miss out.

Since conception, we’ve created a technical solution which tracks music played across public performance locations. Our low-cost highly effective Audio Meter simply plugs in to premises such as shops, restaurants, gyms and bars, and takes a GDPR compliant digital imprint of the music playing. From there the information is relayed in real-time to PROs & CMOs, ensuring rights holders are compensated fairly and accurately every time their music is played.


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Ryan Edwards

Chief Executive Officer

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Greg Gormley

Non-Executive Director

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Chris Herbert

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Rick Riccobono

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Glynn Gordon

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