We work directly with Performing Right Organisations (PROs) & Collective Management Organisations (CMOs) to provide an improved service for their members. By partnering with us, PROs & CMOs are able to make public performance royalty payments to their members based on real-world, real-time data. Our technology provides PROs & CMOs with a new age of insights into public performance of their members work, giving them accurate data feeds from across the globe. We provide opportunity for unparalleled royalty statements with full transparency, whilst digitising and streamlining manual processes for PROs, CMOs and licence holders alike.

How the technology works

Our Audio Meter is unique to the market. Using a circular microphone array, we can track vast amounts of music in any given setting. Our cutting edge signal processing techniques mean that we can make accurate identification of tracks, whilst stripping out the foreground noise.

As the music is broadcast at partnered public performance locations the Audio Meter uses our unique algorithm to match against a vast library of over 70 million tracks to accurately identify the song being played, all whilst being GDPR compliant.