We work directly with Performing Right Organisations (PROs) & Collective Management Organisations (CMOs) to provide an improved service for their members. By partnering with us PROs & CMOs are able to make public performance royalty payments to their members based on real-world, real-time data. Our technology provides PROs & CMOs with a new age of insights into public performance of their members’ work, giving them live data feeds from across the globe. We provide opportunity for unparalleled royalty statements with full transparency, whilst digitising and streamlining manual processes for PROs, CMOs and licence holders alike.


Our technology provides opportunity for PROs & CMOs to distribute payments to their members with greater levels of accuracy. By partnering with Audoo, PROs & CMOs will receive real-world, real-time data feeds that can influence distribution of payments, meaning the right royalties reach the right members.

Our accuracy levels are the highest in market, meaning we can be certain of the repertoire we’re reporting to our PRO & CMO partners. This level of accuracy will deliver better results for PRO & CMO members, reducing rightsholder complaints in relation to the accuracy of distribution.


Our Audio Meters provide a single source of the truth, with a feed from the real world. Partnering with Audoo will reduce the number inaccurate data sources, whilst eliminating the need for sampling analysis to make statistically based payments. Our digital solution also eradicates manual processing, increasing time efficiencies and reducing friction with licence holders about reporting accuracy.


Implementing Audoo’s technology results in a reduced cost-base for PROs & CMOs. In comparison with traditional collection methods, our solution is more cost effective and drives better results. Our user friendly, low-cost devices are designed to be scalable to provide a large, rich data source.

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